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Two years ago I wrote a blog post about my daughter having her first ever epileptic seizure. Prior to that terrifying experience, I hadn’t truly understood what standing by completely helpless as your child turns blue could possibly feel like.

Once the convulsing is over, you’d think that would mean the worst part is behind you. But for parents of epileptic kids, the worst part is what follows.

My daughter is taking 3 AP classes. It’s her senior year, and she’s kicking ass with top grades in AP Calc, AP Chem and AP Psych.

Her neurologist decided to wean her off her seizure meds last month because she hadn’t had a single seizure in two years. She thought that it may have been a one and done, and felt that shifting off the medication would be beneficial. …

A robot playing a keyboard
A robot playing a keyboard

Creative inspiration can stem from anything in the universe. Some people are inspired by the texture of an orange peel, a shadow through a slatted window, 17th century architecture, remnants of a dream, the flecks of color in a partner’s eye — the source of material is limitless.

The design industry is massive. There are subcategories distributed across digital and physical products. Architectural design, home interior design, industrial organizational design, graphic design, interaction design, animation design, product design — the list goes on.

Every area of design, though very different, has a common thread. They all impact the person using or viewing the design on both a conscious and subconscious level. …

Credit: InVision

It’s been six months in a global pandemic during which we’ve also experienced civil unrest, the all-too-real effects of climate change, and an unprecedented economic downturn. Living through this time period has understandably left many feeling like their lives are completely out of control. So let’s talk about something that IS within our control.

As designers, engineers, UX professionals, and product team members, we have the power to use our skillsets to change the world right from our living rooms. Right now, at this very moment, people across the nation are deciding who to vote for in November’s election. …


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