Really United? To order WIRED I have to order a “young men’s fashion” mag too?!

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Something that should have been an enjoyable experience completely set me off this afternoon.

I recieved a mailer stating that my United MileagePlus points were going to expire at the end of the month.

There were a variety of gifts to choose from, but I decided to go for magazine subscriptions. I still enjoy flipping through physical pages now and then.

I was going through the list, checking off the magazines I was interested in, when I got to WIRED.

I love WIRED so I went to select it and noticed that it was only available in combination with another magazine, Details.

I had never heard of Details, I assumed it was some other form of tech mag.

When I clicked into the description I discovered that it was not, in fact, tech related. It was a freaking men’s fashion magazine.

I navigated back to the selection window, assuming that WIRED had to be offered standalone somewhere, but it was not. To subscribe to WIRED, I also had to subscribe to the men’s equivalent to Cosmo.

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I’m not a person who goes off on gender related rampages very often. In fact, in all of my years in the tech industry, I have NEVER encountered a negatively charged gender related situation in the work place. I haven’t been “treated as an equal,” I’ve BEEN an equal. End of story.

This situation just really made me angry.

Apparently this vendor feels that in order to be interested in, and I quote, “the first word on how ideas and innovation are changing the world” you must also be a “young man interested in the news on fashion, women and culture.” There is no other way to purchase it. You have to subscribe to both, or go without.


That is all.

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