Hi Chris! It’s very apparent that you’ve invested a lot of thought, time and research into this post. Your ideas and opinions are very clearly articulated. I agree that this meme and the sidewalk vs down trodden grass memes do not reflect differences between UI and UX. I also agree that no meme could ever encapsulate all of the nuances between UX and UI design jobs, nor could it represent the complex research and testing and design processes that go in to creating an amazing product. I drew a doodle a few years ago to explain the very high level concepts of UI and UX to my 10 year old. I posted it on Twitter and was shocked by how quickly it spread. (It may be next on your burn list, actually!) :) In the blog post I wrote to accompany the doodle, I explained that in no way did the doodle explain in detail everything that goes into creating fantastic UX, it was simply a way to represent the high level ideas in easy to understand illustration for a child. (A stick figure on and a badly drawn bike.) The doodle wasn’t meant to belittle or downplay the significance of designer and UX professional roles and the importance they play in making innovative exciting products, it was just a quick way to answer my kiddo’s question with a sharpie and a post it. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it:

Thank you for taking the time to so eloquently share your opinions and research with the community! This article was a great read.

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