Hi Sara! I fully agree that culture fit and demonstrated passion/aptitude are a huge piece, but if you met them, I really believe you’d find that altruism and kindness also played a role. I know that probably sounds ridiculous, but they’re a truly incredible group of people. But I do understand where your perspective and stance are coming from, and agree that taking those chances has to be a good fit organizationally. Not every company can afford that type of investment, but I hope that those that can, will, for the sake of the wave of new talent trying their hardest to get a toe in the door. It sounds like you are already a person who is taking that chance when you encounter raw talent demonstrated by killer portfolios, regardless of years experience in a professional role, and I really applaud you for that. You are definitely part of the solution, now we just need to help more companies see the exceptional value and opportunity in that approach. Hearing your experience on the hiring side will encourage others to follow your lead, I’m so glad that you’re using your position to advocate for those who are new to the industry!

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