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Kerning Horror: Holiday Sign Edition

I was so pumped to pick up my daughter for her holiday break! I got to her floor, turned the corner and saw the most horrific holiday sign I’ve ever seen in my life on the door of one of her floor mates- it was a giant hot mess.

As I got closer I realized that the letters were sporadically arranged because a ribbon held them together and no one had taken the time to position them.

I looked both ways to make sure no one was watching and started franticly rearranging the letters to fix the kerning.

Just as I finished, one of my daughters suite mates walked out and I took a quick step back from the door and mumbled, “Just admiring the sign, Happy Holidays.” She smiled and said the same.

My daughter came out, grinned and said, “You just fixed that sign didn’t you? I told them you wouldn’t be able to resist!” She was right. It would have driven me crazy all day. haha 🙈

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