New Career Launch: Coming Home 🚀

Ten years ago I was hired as a UX and Content Strategist at a small startup in central Pennsylvania, with the product team lead by one of the most innovative minds in design, Jason Coudriet.

His mentorship sparked my love of design and UX and I was hooked. I was then given the opportunity to join the InVision team as a UX and Content Strategist, and even having been a huge fan of the product, it was extremely difficult for me to leave my product team behind. We’re still in close touch, and get together every time we all come into town, 6 years later!

When I interviewed at InVision there were only 50 employees. The team was (and is) absolutely incredible, and feels more like a family than a group of co-workers. In the six years that I’ve been part of the team, we’ve grown from 50 employees to 600+. It’s been an incredible experience. In true startup fashion, coming in as UX and Content Strategist, I was given the chance to work with the product team, with the content team, and pretty much every team in between.

Most recently I was given the opportunity to take over our community engagement programming. The more I chatted with members of the community, the more I desperately missed creating and being part of a UX team enhancing products to make people’s daily lives easier.

I had one of those mid-life, “my daughter is going to college in a few months what do I want to do for the rest of my life”, crisis moments, and I sat down and started listing out all of the things I’m most passionate about, what I enjoy doing most, and what brings me the most career satisfaction. UX was the winning response to every single question.

I’m beyond ecstatic to share that as of June 11 I’ll be joining Andy Vitale and Christine Brackel’s amazing UX department at Rocket Mortgage as a Senior UX Writer! 🎉 When I told a dear friend about returning to the UX field, he smiled and said, “Welcome home!” It truly does feel like I’m coming home. ❤️

So, huge thanks to the team at InVision for giving me the opportunity to stretch my wings and learn all kinds of new things from an exceptionally talented crew of people, and cheers to this next exciting chapter in UX at Rocket Mortgage! 🚀




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Jennifer Aldrich

Jennifer Aldrich

Sr UX Writer @ Rocket Mortgage (Opinions are my own ❤) © 2014–2022) Jennifer Aldrich