I never create New Year’s resolutions. Instead I focus on revelations I’ve uncovered about myself and what’s most important to me vs. things that aren’t adding value and joy to my life.

2020 Revelations

  1. Leaving my phone on the night stand and not touching it until after I’ve had my coffee makes for a significantly better start to the day.
  2. Being forced to slow down made me realize that rushing around trying to pack a million things into each day doesn’t add joy or happiness to my life, it creates stress.
  3. I really need to improve focusing on self care and taking time to do things I enjoy.
  4. Things I felt that I “HAD” to do were really just things cutting into time I could be spending doing things I actually enjoy. Axing them out of my daily routine really enhanced my quality of life.
  5. We have only a finite number of minutes to spend in this life. Time spent with supportive, loving family and friends is the most important.
  6. Cutting toxic people out of your life (both family and acquaintances) is incredible. It’s like removing a boulder from your shoulders.
  7. Neglecting your own needs to help others isn’t sustainable. You need to put on your oxygen mask first, so that you can help a multitude of others put theirs on too.
  8. Helping even one person has a ripple effect. Help can be a smile, or a socially distanced air hug, a quick call or video chat to check on a friend, or a note. You don’t have to make a giant sweeping gesture to impact a life. You can make just as much impact, if not more, by encouraging and supporting a person who is feeling hopeless or lost.

With that, I wish you all a Happy New Year! 🎉

Sr UX Writer @ Rocket Mortgage (Opinions are my own ❤) © 2014–2022) Jennifer Aldrich