Thanks for taking the time to respond, Sara! I respect your position on the topic, but thankfully the startup I previously worked for had a completely different perspective on on the job training. I had no experience whatsoever in the UX profession, nor did I have a portfolio of any kind. I had a background in psychology and and a passion to learn everything I could about the UX field. I transferred from another department and they gave me gave me 100% on the job training, while mentoring me all the way. I had a education budget to spend on resources, online courses and books as well as opportunities to attend conferences. And we weren’t a huge company at the time either, we were a startup with leadership that believed in giving people the opportunity for career mobility. Their perspective was that it was better to let people explore their career passions internally rather than lose employees to other companies. We had exceptionally low levels of employee turnover, high productivity, an insane client retention rate and a great financial result. I think it’s great that you’ve hired some new designers. Every startup is different, as are the leadership teams that run them. It sounds like you’ve been very successful, and that your team members (both the new kids and those with years of experience) have really thrived under your leadership, and I applaud you for it.

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