That’s an interesting perspective Brian! I have a few questions about your experiences that I’ve love to learn more about.

What experience have you had in an open office floor plan? And how large were the teams? Which mixture of teams were combined closely in the workspace? (I’ve heard so many arrangements over the years, the combinations are fascinating.)

It’s interesting that the story about informal conversational gesture discovery resonated with you most compared to the rest of the article. It was indeed an example of a situation that resulted in a realization that a feature would solve a product need, that didn’t happen in a design review or formal brainstorming session.

Could it have happened during a formal session or been discovered by a lone designer? Possibly. Could it have not been discovered at all because the team of designers or lone designer working on that specific feature weren’t familiar with the tech? Possibly. In this particular case, no one else had seen that particular gesture and the conversation provided an additional point of entry for discussion that led to product enhancement opportunity early in the process. But as you mentioned, nothing in life is ever “definite” other than that it will end some day. ;)

Do you follow a policy that restricts project discussion to formal meetings that only include design team members directly involved with the project in your workplace? (I’ve got some friends who work in silo-ed environments like that.) And if so, do you prefer it to more collaborative, open idea sharing design team environments that allow designers to share ideas, suggestions and feedback across projects, whether they are assigned as lead designer or not?

I have friends who prefer one over the other, and love investigating why they prefer them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have time! :) And thanks for checking out the post!

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