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Design Time vs. Design Love

The Absolute Worst: Spending hours or days or weeks or months creating a masterpiece of pixel perfect perfection, and unveiling it to find that no one likes it and/or cares.

You invested time and energy and love into this thing, and no one is picking up what you’re putting down.

Then, you throw something together last minute and everyone worships it.

And this is why we drink.

Does that mean you should half ass everything you do? Absolutely not. But don’t get discouraged when the thing you love most doesn’t get love from the masses.

It happens to even the best designers on earth (on a regular basis).

Keep moving forward!

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UX Blogger ~ Product Designer ~ Sr Mgr of Design Community Partnerships @InVisionApp Opinions are my own ❤ (© 2014–2019 Jennifer Aldrich)

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