UX Fail: When Flu Med Packaging Makes You Bleed (And Spew Profanity)

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This morning at 3am I woke up slammed by the flu. (Huge thanks going out to my kiddo for bringing home a mountain of middle schooler germs.)

I stumbled around, head throbbing, muscles aching, stomach rolling and finally grabbed the right box of pills from the medicine cabinet. Flu meds to the rescue.

I opened the package and discovered that the pills were in those freaking blister packs with no way pop the meds through the back. You had to rip the metal casing down the center.

At that point I couldn’t even tell where the center was because I was so light headed.

I stood there, half out of it, wrestling with the stupid packaging for a solid 45 seconds until it finally sliced my finger right open.

I let out a string of profanity that legit scared my dog so much that he fled the scene, then I proceeded to knock half of the stuff out of my medicine cabinet trying to find some bandages.

Who in their right mind would put medicine meant for people who are so sick that they’re barely functioning in impossible to open blister packs?!

Massive UX fail.

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