Why The Macbook Pro Touch Bar Beats A Touch Screen By A Mile

Just finished watching the Apple event (while stalking too Twitter obviously) and was fascinated by the array of responses to the Touch Bar announcement. A bunch of Mac users can’t wait to get their hands on it, while PC users are asking why it’s a big deal since they’ve had full touch screens on their laptops for years.

So I’m just going to say it: The big deal is, reaching out and touching the screen I’m looking at while I’m trying to work on a laptop is uncomfortable and awkward. Keeping my hands on my keyboard and having access to a zillion touch inputs and contextual tools based on the program I’m running is huge.

We’re a society that lives on cell phones, using them all day everyday. We’re used to small buttons. The touch bar size is a perfect fit for sliding with the pads of your fingers. The multi input functionality is amazing, being able to mix controls to make things happen is incredibly powerful. (Though 10 at once? Probably overkill, but good to have bonus options.) ;)

Personally I can’t wait to test it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts design and UX crew!

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