Your CEO Defines Team Culture With Public Actions Like This One—Not Just Mission Statements

Today I was in a web conference meeting with about 150 teammates. I got a call back from my daughter’s pharmacy about a seizure prescription fulfillment problem. (Really scary.) I muted my MacBook & 10 seconds into speaking to the pharmacist I realized I’d MUTED THE SPEAKERS NOT THE MIC!

So I’m DYING TO DEATH of embarrassment at this point, having just confirmed my daughter’s birthday and spelled her entire name out loud for all 150 people to hear, WHILE OUR CEO WAS TALKING NO LESS! 🙈

I unmuted audio just in time to hear our amazing CEO say, “No one tell her this happened, she’d be so embarrassed!”

I of course apologized frantically and he told me it was totally ok, and I muted and slid into a mortified shame spiral.

I immediately received messages from coworkers telling me not to worry about it, these things happen, etc. and then got a message from our CEO Clark that said, “Never apologize for being remote, or being human”.

Of all the reactions the CEO of a multibillion-dollar company could have had, he chose compassion and even tried to make me feel better. He doesn’t just use our company mission and principles as talking points, he exemplifies them.

That, my friends, is just another clear example of why I rave about the company culture at InVision. Amazing.

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